Presentation Skills for IT Managers

As an IT Manager or technical leader there are many occasions that you need to speak and present to groups:

  • Talking about your product
  • Delivering a status report to management
  • Giving demonstrations
  • Giving progress reports to clients
  • Motivating your team

This masterclass gives you the skills to present to small and large groups, to be clear and effective in your communication and to ensure that your message is memorable.

This Masterclass is for:

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Technical architects
  • Team leaders

You can learn to:

  • Connect and interact with your audience
  • Liven up a dull topic
  • Integrate slides and visual aids into your presentation
  • Tailor your language for each specific audience
  • Design clear and effective powerpoint slides
  • Use techniques to make your presentation memorable
  • Talk to a non-technical audience
  • Handle presentation disasters