Writing and practising a speech or presentation can be a time-comsuming and gruelling experience. Not only is the pressure to make your subject interesting and exciting to your listeners but there can also be the pressure that if it’s not done well that you could lose the sale or damage your career.

We can help.

We know how to write speeches that grab hold of the audience, how to make your message be memorable and how to speak your audience’s language.

We know how to deliver a presentation that will mesmerise your audience.

And most importantly, we know how to help you do this in your own style and language. 


We can assist you with:

Speechwriting – we can help you shape and carve your speech so that your message is clear and memorable.

Preparation and Practice – at a certain stage of practice you need an audience, we can be that audience, letting you know what works and what can be enhanced, helping you to present confidently and professionally.

Delivery - Learn how to use your voice and body language to add strength and emphasis to you words

Presentation Design – great visuals really hammer your message home, we can assist in making the visual component stand out and complement your spoken message.



Your sales team and your experienced managers already know how to stand up and talk about your products, they don't need to go on a presentation course.

What the healthcheck does is observe their presentations and suggest tweaks that will ensure that they can get their message across to the audience in the most effective manner.



Make sure that your audience hear what you want them to hear.

Too often when we hear a presentations there is so much information that we're confused as what exactly the presenter wanted us to know, no-one remembers those presentations.

We can work with you on your presentation and ensure that it has one clear memorable message.