geekspeak training was set up to help technical professionals improve their presentational and public speaking skills.

We focus on working with technical professionals that are either:

a) involved in giving technical pre-sales presentations, or

b) recently promoted to a management role and now has the requirement to give in-house speeches and presentations, or

c) giving presentations at conferences


Dermot is a professional speaker, storyteller and trainer.

Dermot believes that the right choice of words form the basis for the most effective speeches, that you can build on this solid base with a powerful delivery and a two-way connection with the audience.

Dermot is not just another presentation skills trainer and coach, he's a geek. He has over 15 years of working with technical professionals, both as an analyst/developer and also through helping them communicate effectively and with passion.

Dermot writes our blog and our twitter feed:


Twitter: @geek_speaker

“A natural presenter himself, Dermot gives clear and useful guidance to others who need to make effective presentations.”

“I’ve been in group sessions with Dermot and the thing that strikes me is the amount of thought and creativity he puts into it. He creates a fun inclusive atmosphere ideal for learning and growing. And he knows his stuff. Both as a personal speech coach and a trainer highly recommended!”

“Dermot showed how skilled selection of slides can make your message effective and memorable. In the interests of all of us who regularly watch business presentations, I wish that attending one of Dermot’s “Pimp My Slides” Masterclasses would be made compulsory for all Powerpoint presenters.”